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[audio]kobain and dialectic - assyrians on acid
kobain and dialectic are two stuffed rabbits with no arms or legs.
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 155
[movies]Fetish Noise Driver (2) - Ethnomite Pux
Experimental art electro video
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 138
[movies]webcamizm and cityfiles - nswcrew
web cam izm city interseszional
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 100
[movies]sober/drunk - Manuel Andrade
hear/wathc/follow/feel this experience. Am I drunk or thet is NOW that I´m lucid?
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 94
[audio]New Carrollton - Static [zero112a] - New Carrollton
Two live radio shows by New Carrollton on WMUC-FM 88.1, College Park, MD (University of Maryland). Recorded on May 6, 1988 and July 8, 1989. Strange industrial ambient using homemade instruments and electronics.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 935
"Non siamo dunque nati fuorchè¨ per sentire, qual felicità  sarebbe stata se non fossimo nati? Giacomi Leopardi Filosofo UNTITLED In this work we have realized the first two tracks individually, to highlight the two different ways of making music with noise. The third track has been produced in collaboration. Francesco Lenzi: I'm a guitarist from Arezzo and I play guitar from the adolescence.I had many bands and I recorded with many of them some self-productions on cd and tape.I publis...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 78
[audio]Anthony Wintering - Ghost Womb (ca038) - Anthony Wintering
Lyrics: The Grave Underneath the Ritual Stone --------------------------------------------------------------- Inklike void, retinas adjust to somber melancholy, humidity laced in nines duplicating charcoal, endless nihility. Black mist like swollen noise or poisoned veins. Ritual stones bloodied, buried, and forgotten, cherishing memories like ruins of broken mirrors. Upkeep lapsing, rusted nails shave snow from tortured, forsaken bones...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 2,781
[audio]Living Bassline - Dudymas
FLStudio project with a little more typical construct... but still quick juicy. Err... nevermind that term, listen!
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 382 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Hausmusik - Tim Kenney
lvnc byvtiyugp 8u pi
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 2
[audio]Sepia Hours "octember 05" SFR04

Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 650
[audio]luca confusione - 8bit EP [8bit0046]

Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 241
[audio]Henri Roger - TeknoiD Laugh - Henri Roger
slk april period
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 225
[audio](SLR12) Accelera Deck - Lullexo
free mp3 release from Scarcelight Recordings
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,428
[audio](SLR08) Spraggadat & Pirre - Elsewhere & Otherwise
free mp3 release from Scarcelight Recordings
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,097
[audio]Sample 5 - PZ
Sample 5 of Mic World
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 44
[unknown]Noises of Russia- Электро Лето - drill records [033]
Noises of Russia- ЭлекÑÑо ÐеÑо
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 69
[audio]Kitten Groove Amuck - Dudymas
Brought to you by mountain dew (2 whole liters) and 2 hours of scaring people by humming outloud
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 250 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Infoanarchism - qichan
Released by Eileen Chang Records and Media Feminista.
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 300
[audio]Matemos El Claro De Luna! sesión 45
45: Lucarda. Canción, Deformación, Pure Data, 1999-2011.
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 53
[audio]Sutrama -Ozem- PAIN.T - drill records[136]
.. Sutrama - The Silver Cord (sanskrit) The thread of soul, navel string which connects body with spiritual world. Sutrama weaves it's canvases from the polyphonic streams of new academic music and archaic pre-traditional overtones. The project has been created by Snezhana Reizen in 2010. before that the participation in such groups as ""Dadazu", "Zelo", "Micelium", "Rhoea" , and others took place...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 99
[unknown]bardoseneticcube - tek-now - drill records [035]
Bardoseneticcube - Tek-Now II
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 106
[audio]138 Hakkeijima - drill records [063]
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 34
[audio]Erfullung - Workshop
Erfullung - 5.1 MB
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,806
[audio]Mal Foutu (MIDI16) - Les Poissons Autistes
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 48
Autharktos` album consisting of old and some new tracks
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1
[audio]Matotumba: La ultima noche en la cueva matotumbiana - Matotumba
Matotumba - La ultima noche en la cueva matotumbiana - An experimental album by the art colective Matotumba matotumba.com
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 792
archivo para escuchar unaRadio.com.ar
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 4
[audio]ALOAB - lekabel - ALOAB
ALOAB (Artificial Limb of a Beard) / lekabel
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 3
[audio]you could... - peter moldauer
elektronic, midi, akustik improvisation
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 68
[audio]No Pigeonholes EXP 11-29-12 - Don Campau
No Pigeonholes EXP broadcast on KOWS-FM www.kows.fm hosted by Don Campau www.doncampau.com 29 November 2012 part 1 artist/title/ album/ label-source Karin Hoghielm/ Lau II / Rauk/ ---CD Modulate/ Live At Supersonic/ SONM compilation/ Puertas De Castillo CD James Ross/ Toll/ ---/---mp3 Antonio Garcia/ La Dama Azul / SONM comp/ Puertas De Castillo CD Barbiero & Videll/ Identity In Variation/---/---mp3 Dorio Moratillo/ What We saw From The Second Floor/ SONM comp/ Puertas De Castillo CD Leopoldo...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 1
[audio]No Pigeonholes EXP 8-29-13 - Don Campau
No Pigeonholes EXP broadcast on KOWS-FM www.kows.fm hosted by Don Campau www.doncampau.com 29 August 2013 artist/title/ album/ label-source Ryan J. Boyd/ Impending Doom/ The World And It’s Parts Vol 1/---CD Ryan J. Boyd/ The Dream Machine/ The World And It’s Parts Vol 2/---CD Disism/ Knowing Listening Meaning/ Boney baloney/ Taped Rugs CD Disism/ Wrong With The Equipment/ Reconstituted/ taped Rugs CD Disism/ So Are The Laces/ Architortuous/ Taped Rugs CD Zaradny-Buck-Fuhler/ b#1/ Lighton/ ...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 10
[audio]Track 3 Mix 1 - Brair Pusely
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 55
[audio]Paul Hartsaw & Desiring Machines - Paul Hartsaw
1 - continuum by stretching 2 - haecceities by transparency 3 - marks in fold 4 - chirring 5 - lapsing (a statistical heap) 6 - surveyors of such 7 - contents pragmata
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 310
[audio]eM - retrograd [slapmp3_021] - eM
In this first installment of the slaptape series, ambient/glitch musician Michael Bentley (The Foundry, Fällt, No Type) contributes a one-sided 34 minute work based on some old Russian and Hungarian folk vinyl he found at an Oakland library sale. The work is divided into 3 tracks of various lengths.As a whole, the work combines layered digital processing of samples with elements of slow motion free improvisation to create a moody reflection on a time and place that never actually existed.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,492
[audio]No Pigeonholes EXP 8-16-12 - Don Campau
No Pigeonholes EXP broadcast on KOWS-FM www.kows.fm hosted by Don Campau www.doncampau.com 16 August 2012 part 1 artist/title/label-source Brendan Byrnes/ Trillopod/ Spectropol CD Daniele Brusachetto/ Madre Natura.../ Bosco CD Mark McGuire/ Yaad Aa Raha Hai Tera Ryaad/---cassette Roy Montgomery/ Scenes From The South Island/---CD Michael J. Hex/ Feelings Okay/ Noseflute CD Noveller/ Before Sainthood/ Neon Blossom cassette Soegaaden-Poulsen/ And We Also Caught A Fish/ Leo CD Andrea Ferraris-Ma...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 8
[audio]cilium video objects sound - zopan
Motion of the air caused by several different musical tones arising from different sources, and that caused by the musical tone of a single sounding body. Hence the ear has to analyse the composition of single musical tones, under proper con- ditions, by means of the same faculty which enabled it to analyse the composition of simultaneous musical tones. We shall thus obtain a clear conception of what is meant by analysing a single musical tone into a series of partial simple tones, and we shall ...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 39
[audio]Permutation 6 - Brair Pusely
Number 6 in a series of permutations.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 49
[audio]Marathon J Fisher 1
 A Jeremiah Fisher and Marathon (Brandon Beachum) musical collaboration
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 3
[audio]No Pigeonholes EXP 2-21-13 - Don Campau
No Pigeonholes EXP broadcast on KOWS-FM www.kows.fm hosted by Don Campau www.doncampau.com 21 February 2013 part 1 Special Guest: Rinus Van Alebeek artist/title/ album/ label-source Big City Orchestra/ Wait Til Autmn/ Substance Abuse/ Subelectrick cassette Kou & Hironaka/ sTate/ State State State State/ Ftarri CD Rinus Van Alebeek/ Order Een Citroenboom/ 9 Variations/ Zerommon mp3 Rinus Van Alebeek/ No Flights Today/ Das Naturhistorische Der Klage/ Diensteingang/ Zermoon mp3 Rinus Van Alebee...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 2
[audio]No Pigeonholes EXP 3-21-13 - Don Campau
No Pigeonholes EXP broadcast on KOWS-FM www.kows.fm hosted by Don Campau www.doncampau.com 21 March 2013 part 1 special guest: Crystal Awareness artist/title/ album/ label-source David Barnes/ Nocturne/ Axiom/ Barnestuff CD Crystal Awareness/ Eonosherical Warfare/ Eonosherical Warfare/ DBAR cassette Brian Chase/ Cymbal Drone/ Drums & Drones/ Pogus CD Crystal Awareness & Hal McGee/ Sporadically.../ Signal Load Pattern/ Haltapes cassette Disism/ Heavy Overcoat.../ Disfamiliar/ Taped Rugs CD Cry...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 6
[audio]Sovmestnoye Predpriyatiye - 4/4 [zero119a] - Sovmestnoye Predpriyatiye
Sovmestnoye Predpriyatiye was a Moscow, Russia collective of junk improvisors, who made music with household objects and cheap electronics (when they could get their hands on it). The quartet played a few concerts in Moscow before dissolving in 1995. Free musique concrete.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,456
[audio]disco rallado
matemos el claro de luna
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 44
[audio]Something from Nothing - Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Returning from a stay in Warsaw during the Winter/Spring of 2001 Harmon recorded these two pieces from found acoustic noises in his travels. Fields of White stretches out the earlier compositional style of Harmons work into a wall of disjointed and abstract noisescapes. The length of the piece allows the listener room in which to absorb the transient structure of microtonal frequencies and shifting layers of cutup sounds...
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 332 2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio][VNN-029] Always A New Home - Xarhope
This release has the most elaborate usage of sounds I've ever heard. Everything is an instrument in this bold release, especially vocals. Every track is different and maintains a level of complexity even though the tracks can be minimalist in aesthetic. From the artist: "always a new home" is the third step of a trip xarhope is doing around around mediterrain sea. the first album was "taranto house - xarhope, miss raca, miss tara and skywalker - editora do porto" was recorded in the london squat...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 136
[audio]Catttnip. Palacio Beltran. 27.07.2013
catttnip. matemos el claro de luna! en vivo. palacio beltran. 27.07.2013
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 14
[audio]amashome avec conrad - grundloszone
live session tracks using a laptop (grund) and a guitar (conrad) - recorded in 2001, encoder: apple lossless - www.grundloszone.de.vu
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 110
[audio]No Pigeonholes EXP 12-5-13 - Don Campau
No Pigeonholes EXP broadcast on KOWS-FM www.kows.fm hosted by Don Campau www.doncampau.com 5 December 2103 part 1 artist/title/ album/ label-source Simon Mathewson/ And It Crawls/ Laprov Imtop/ Free Music Archives mp3 Demdike Stare/ Caged In Stammheim/ Triptych/---mp3 Various Sound Effect and nocvelty records... Tom Furgas/ Fontana Mix 1/ Fontana Mix/ Tom Furgas Editions CD inside/outside/ Radio #3/---/---CD a seven inch vinyl feature: Schloss Tegal/ Procession Of The Dead/---/ ST 7” Otomo ...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 8
[audio]nimby - Liquid Synthetics
Experimental Electronica.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 227
[audio]Lets have some fun - Y.Otsubo
Again this song is made using the same set up as "why does it always"
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 80
[audio]No Pigeonholes EXP 10-18-12 - Don Campau
No Pigeonholes EXP broadcast on KOWS-FM www.kows.fm hosted by Don Campau www.doncampau.com 18 October 2012 part 1 artist/title/label-source Jelinek-Fujita/ Bird, Lake, Objects/---CD Panabrite/ Dawnscape, Garden Interlude/---CD Anthuris D’Archer/ White Rush, Purple Wave/---mp3 Insect Factory/ Luciernaga/ Fabrica cassette Hakobune/ Shadow On The Lawn/---CD Wolf Flourescence/ There Is No God In This House/ Fabrica cassette Lazurite/ Initiator Factor 1/ Fabrica cassette Hakobune/ Until You Wake...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 1
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